Friday, 15 May 2009

“We don’t own mother earth, mother earth own us”

Manila, Philippines -- “Everyone must have access to the judicial system so they can play a role in environment protection”… those words were coming out from “Forum on Environmental Justice”, organized by the Supreme Court of the Philippines, held on 16 April – 17 April 2009 at the University of Cordillera in Baguio City. A parallel video conferencing was held in two other cities in the country.

Baguio, knows as the summer capital of Philippines enjoys cold climate the whole year and has traditionally been the summer hideaway of people from the cities like the Capital, Manila. But it seems that cold climate could not cool down the burning desire of the 560 people in attendance for Environmental Justice.

There were many speakers and presenters on environmental issues and advocating how and why the judicial system plays a vital role in environmental protection. The conference also highlighted various views on the need to involve every sector in government, the civil society and the people’s organizations in ensuring that the environment is protected.

Among the issues, I could link and saw with my eyes is about polluted Manila Bay issue because after three days later, I had a chance to visit Manila bay in Navotas. There is a slum area where the shaky houses were built on stilts in the Bay. The bridges were too narrow. Some children are suffering skin diseases and facing problems on social, Health, Environment, etc.

Yes, the water is polluted and filled with plastic underneath the houses and along the bay. I thought the factors of pollution are not just because of the people from that area but it’s the consequences of lack of responsibilities and also many factors of the man-made error of the whole region so that right to access “Environmental Justice” through judiciary system to protect and preserve the environment is very important now and also for the all human being on the Globe. I hope and believed from this forum there will be a better future for the people in that slum area and also for the whole national through the whole world.

During and after forum, my mind was very quite busy learning, criticizing and analyzing the new thoughts, questioning myself and our country’s situations on environmental issues which are now becoming serious and the need for preserving and protecting it becoming very urgent.

On the other hand, government’s involvement is indispensable in protecting and preserving the environment so that roles and ethics of government leaders are also very important. It was pointed out by Gov. Grace Cielo. M. Padaca of Isabela Province in her presentation like urging other government leaders not to “stop short from doing the right thing from fear of losing votes”. It was challenging to the government leaders and also kind of motivating to me. Those words reminded me of valuing the ethic and responsibility. And also I wished we could also do like this in our country but I cannot imagine yet when and how? At the same time I was proud of having a chance to participate in this historical moment.

The Law of Nature:

“In the Laws of Nature, there is no right nor wrong,
There are no rewards nor punishment,
There are only Consequences” by Atty. Antonio A. Oposa

As a monument to witness the unity to have Environmental Justice, the participants signed a Memorandum of Agreement to pursue its realization.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Post ni ka sa na.... :P

Yahte Simsamyit a blog hpe sa du ngut jaw ma ai manaw manang ni yawng hpe chyeju dum ai hku re... yahte online na na lang na aten nlu ai hte... post ka na zawn mung nnga taw nga ai majaw... Post nlu ka ai hku re... post ni hpe mung dang lu ai daram mara na hku gaw myit da nngai... manang law law a blog ni hpe gaw shang yu byin tim.. tinang nang gaw nka byin taw ai hku re... yawng hpe dum let...

Simsa Myit

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Mu mamu ... Na mana ... Chye machye ..... Internet a lam !!!

21st Century ngu ai prat hta pra wa ai ... Ngai !!

21st Century e mying gum hkawng nga ai ... Internet the seng nna, mu mamu hte na mana lam ni hpe ... Internet ngu ai hpe jai lang akyu jashawn taw nga ai ...ndai prat a New Generation (ngai mung lawm ai :P) ni a ntsa loi tsun mayu ai lam ni nga ai hku re .... (yaw sai.... loo)

Dai ni anhte ...(poi up zawn nga wa ai i :P) Internet hpe lang nga ai New Generation (ngai mung lawm ai law .. :P) ni hku nna Internet a jaw e, akyu grai lu la ai hku re...

Mungkan hte matut mahkai lu na matu chyinghka kaba langai nan mung rai nga ai, Internet (online) hku nna mungkan a communication hta tsa lam shadang law law wa shara la kau sai hku re… Computer ngu ai jak langai shawng kaw dung let mungkan shara shagu na masha law law hte lu hkrum zup lu ai, makyit mahkai galaw lu ai gaw, tinang hkrum mayu ai manang (sh) jinghku langai ngai hpang de dingtaw sa ra ai (sh) Post office hku nna laika shagun ra ai zawn re hkawm sa hkawm wa law, amu law ai lam ni hpe ram ram hkyam sa shangun mat sai hku re…

Grau nna (,) ya hpang de online hku nna Video Conference ni lu galaw wa ai a marang e Business Company ni a zuphpawng hkawm sa hkawm wa jarik hpe ram ram hkyam sa shangun wa ai hku re.. Ndai zawn re ni a majaw, Air Transport Company ni hku nna shanhte hpe dingbai dingla jaw ai ni gaw hpabaw ni mai byin ai ngu ai kaw online video conference hpe mung sawn shalawm wa ma ai hku re. Internet (online) kaw na lu ai akyu gaw law law wa rai nga ai….

Grau nna Third World country rai nga ai anhte mungdan zawn, ya she rawt jat galu kaba wa nga ai mungdan ni hku nna mung Internet (online) a akyu hpe law law wa hkam sha lu ai hku re. Rawt jat galu kaba chyalu mungdan ni kaw na galaw da ai Internet (online) ngu ai hpe alu tsu lang let mungkan de lahkam lu ai hte magam bungli law law hpe lawan ladan shachyen shaja lu na ahkaw ahkang ni mung lu nga masai hku re…

Internet kaw na lu la ai akyu law law nga ai hte maren nkaja ai lam mung law law wa rai nga ai… Ndai nkaja ai akyu ni gaw rawt jat galu kaba chyalu mungdan ni hku nna ya ten hta law law wa mi hkrum katut taw sai hku re… anhte Third World country ni mung ndai nkaja akyu ni hpe gau ngwi ngwi wa na hpe mu hkrup ai hku re…

Grau nna online games, chatting ..etc. ni hpe law law lang nga ai Ramma ni hku nna computer hpe n-yup nsha na na wa lang ai a jaw e hkum hkrang hkam kaja lam hta hkra wa ai, myi n-gun yawm mat ai majaw myiset jau jau lang wa ra ai lam ni, manaw manang ni hte ganawn mazum lam (social life) hta ningra wa ai lam ni..etc,

Internet (online) gaw ya prat hta hpaji lama ma hkaja na matu chyinghka kaba re ai hte maren, nkaja ai lam ni hpe mung alu tsu lawan ladan mai sharin ya nga ai kaw, ma kaji ni, asak nram shi ai ni hpe nkaja ai arawn alai hpe mung ahkying kadun mi kaw sharin ya nga ai shadawn: mungdan langai (mying gaw malap kau sai) na, ma langai mi gaw Internet (online) kaw na lata bawm galaw ai ladat hpe galaw chyam yu nna kapaw si mat ai lam ni, terriorist hpung ni rai nga ai Alkaida (spelling gaw njaw nhten) ni hku nnga shanhte gara hku kasat na ladat ni hte laknak ni ai lam ni hpe internet (online) kaw na grai lu sharin la masai nga nna News langai mi kaw lu hti dat ai..

Ndai zawn re ai n kaja ai lam ni a matu law law wa jai lang wa ma ai hta ya prat Internet (online) crime ngu ai hpe mung law law wa na lu wa saga ai re. Asak nhpring shi ai num kasha ni hpe online (grau nna chat room) hku nna hkalem let jahten ai lam ni, online hku nna gumhpraw mawlu mawsha ai lam ni mung law law wa byin wa sai hku re.

Anhte mungdan zawn Internet (online) ngu ai hpe lang hpang wa ai gaw kade nau nna shi ai hte machye machyang hte technical support ni naw ra kadawn nga ai majaw kaga mungdan ni zawn Internet (online) hpe shara shagu aloi ali garai nlu lang shi ai hku re… Dai majaw ntsa kaw tsun wa ai nkaja ai akyu ni byin ai nga nna gaw ngai hku nna garai n na lu shi ai hku re.. Raitim, kade n na ai shaning ni hta Internet (online) hpe masan sa ai hku lu lang wa ai hpang e gaw, ndai zawn re nkaja ai lam ni hpe hkrum hkra wa na hpe mu mada let …. mu mada ai lam ni hpe ka dat ai hku re…..

A ga……… loi galu mat sai…….


Saturday, 26 July 2008

Yu yu....ya rai sai gaw...

Blog ka hpang sai... raitim hpa mung nchye galaw shi ai... Manang ABC chye 'nbwisam' hpe sha san atek na garum hpyi taw nga ai hku re... ya manang langai mung blog hpaw da sai da.. raitim ya gara hku link galaw hkat na re... re nchye shi ai hku re...

NBWI SAM e e e . . . :P

Finally .......... Blog Ka sai hku re.... !!!!!

Shawng nnan chyeju dum ga..............

Ndai hku blog ka let mungkan hte lu matut mahkai lu na ahkaw ahkang ... nyan hpaji jaw ya ai Karai Kasang hpe shawng nnang chyeju dum ai law...

Blog ka na matu ndut ndang shatut ai manang "nbwisam" @ ABC hpe mung THANKs a lot.

Ndai blog kaw hpang e sa nna ngun jaw, sa yu myitru lawm na manang ni hpe mung tau hkrau nna CHYEJU dum ...let :)

Simsamyit :)